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Cranberry Extract

Product Introduction
Cranberry ( VaccinumMacrocarpon L. .) is a perennial, ornamental shrub of Ericaceae. cranberry contains nutrients which are essential for protecting eyes from eyestrain or fatigue, and it can activate blood circulation around the eyes. Bilberry tea is good to treat stomach diseases and soothe digestive tract traditionally.


   Appearance:    Deep Violet fine powder
   Heavy metals (as Pb):    ≤10PPM
   As:    ≤1PPM
   Loss on drying:    ≤5%
   Ash:    ≤5%
   Assay (by UV)    25%--50% Proanthocyanidins (PAC)


Cranberry is mainly good to treat urinary infection with the ingredients of Proanthocyanidins(PAC). Its effect is obvious. And also its could be used in anti-oxidants. And as nature pigment as per your required color value

Package & Storage

25kg/ fibredrum.Packed in paper-square barrel and two plastic-bags inside.

Store in a well-closed container Away from moisture, light, oxygen.


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