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ODMOEM Business of Microencapsulation
HSF is developing the project of ODM, OEM microencapsulation relying on the company's strong R&D capabilities and leading microencapsulation technology, as to provide with innovative products and customized service and intelligent solutions.
HSF has a professional team in the field of bio-medicine and food chemicals with senior professors and postdoctors, with independent intellectual property rights and industrialization of practical working experience.
Cooperate closely with professors and well-known food professional experts from China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, South China University of Technology, Jinan University and the Northeast Agricultural University.
Imported microencapsulation laboratory equipments, which can complete the customized products, formulation development, small scale, pilot and industrial package productions.
Perfect Quality Management System, proved by QS, ISO90001,ISO22000,GMP,IPNon-GMO,Kosher
,HAHAL certification.
HSF has a set of advanced industrial equipments for functional factor synthesis, extraction, distillation, purification, microencapsulation and testing, as to ensure stability and advance of customer's products.
ODMOEM Microencapsulated Range
Compound Spray Technology
Complex vitamins, dietary fiber, and other nutrients, etc.
Oil-in-water microencapsulation technology
Flavors, fragrances, functional oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, etc.
Instant Spray Technology
Collagen, peptides, amino acids, etc.
Beadlets atomized spray technology
Carotenoids, flavors, fragrances, functional oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, etc.


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