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Micro-encapsulation of Functional Factors
With a leading technology solutions of micro-encapsulation,HSF Bioteh solves the application problems of natural antioxidant and functional factors with instability.low water-solubility,low bioavailability,hard to premix ect..we possess patented technology in emulsification,embedding,WURSTER spray granulation,multistage polymerization technology.Meanwhile,we managed the all-round joint operations with many China famous universities like; China Agricultural University,Jiangnan University,South China University of Technology,Jinan University and Northeast Agricultural University.
HSF Leading Patented Technology of Functional Factors' Micro-encapsulations:
Emulsification,Embedding,WURSTER Spray Granulation,Multistage agglomeration
HSF Products Features:
Traditional Products
Instability,low water-solubility,low bioavailability,hard to pre mix,easy oxidation,poor taste ect.
HSF Micro-encapsulated Products
Improve stability to light,heat,oxygen,PH,extend the shelf life,less volatile,better water-solubility,convenient transport and sorage.

Instant:Better instant using multistage agglomeration of small particles.

Slow Release:Gradually release of core materials after progressive decomposition of pure whey protein.
HSF Micro-encapsulation Procedure:


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