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The Most Excellent Natural Vitamin E Manufacturer in China

HSF set up a new factory of natural vitamin E, which has most varieties of natural vitamin E ranged from mixed tocopherols, D alpha tocopherols, acetate, succinate to TPGS etc. and its output of natural vitamin E ranks top throughout all the Chinese natural vitamin E manufacturers.

Establishing province-level laboratories and most advanced equipments, HSF has state-of-the-art processing lines, which are designed, optimized, and equipped by drawing on experiences from other natural vitamin E factories, which enable us to have much stable and efficient production, as well as competitive pricing. Meanwhile, HSF established certification system of ISO, HACCP, IP, FAMIQS, Kosher and HALAL etc., which provide our clients with sufficient and sustainable guarantees of high quality and reliability.

Mixed Tocopherols - Mixed tocopherols are antioxidants found in nature and are used in fats, oils, and in a wide range of fat-containing food and feed products. Mixed tocopherols contain natural mixtures of d-alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols.
●VegeToc – 50%
●VegeToc – 70%
●VegeToc – 90%

D-Alpha Tocopherol oil - D-alpha tocopherol is the form of tocopherol that is better retained. It is the only form of alpha tocopherol found in nature. The low viscosity and high concentration make d-alpha tocopherol ideal for soft gel capsules.

●VegeToc – 1000IU
●VegeToc – 1100IU
●VegeToc – 1200IU

●VegeToc – 1300IU

D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Oil - d-alpha tocopherol acetate oil is clarifying and viscous oily liquid with light yellow color, mild odor. It is more stable than non-acetate forms of tocopherols, widely used in food, dietary supplement and nutraceuticals in form of capsules and liquid. Storage should include avoiding minimizing contact with air, elevated cold storage temperatures, and avoiding unnecessary contact with transition metals or alkaline substances.

●VegeToc – 1000IU
●VegeToc – 1100IU
●VegeToc – 1200IU
●VegeToc – 1300IU

D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate - d-alpha tocopheryl succinate is a white, granular form of Vitamin E with very little odor or flavor. It is used in solid dietary supplement and pharmaceutical preparations (e.g. multivitamin tablets) or in food product. Storage should include avoiding elevated temperatures, and weight bearing conduitons which might lead to compaction, and avoiding exposure to alkaline substances.
●VegeToc – 1185IU

●VegeToc – 1210IU

Water Soluble Natural Vitamin E (TPGS) - D-α-tocopherol acid polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS) is a light yellow to yellow waxy solid. The active ingredient, vitamin E succinate, is derived from natural sources. And it is a water-soluble derivative of vitamin E.

●VegeToc >25%


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